Friday Office Hours

From agent query letters, loglines, book titles and artist statements, this is where we'll look at how best to position and pitch your writing in a competitive market. The actual work of paid subscribers will be critiqued. To be considered for this section, you can send one page of material in the body of an email to: thequerydoula (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject line "Substack Friday Office Hours." You will only be contacted if your submission is going to be used in the newsletter.

Tarot classes, magic classes, coming-of-age intensives, oh my!
Jobs wanted, jobs listed, plus retreat offerings!
It's Bulletin Board Friday! Writers seeking work, writers offering work, residency deadlines, workshop opportunities and more.
What they are, how to choose them, what permissions you will need
How to be both honest and generous in your book reviews when you are a writer who wants to have writer friends
I'm hungry for your words.
This just in. Like, for real.
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