Hi Courtney,

I'm so drawn in by the way you write, just read your pitch letter twice. Haven't had chance to read your other stuff yet (just clicked on "Pay" like 2 seconds ago). In that letter, you went over like some books recommendation, would you also consider (which is also what I'm very interested) with books on writing instructions? As I do think, apart from ideas, beautiful sentences, could be another factor that "steals" space in our hearts.


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Hi Courtney! So happy you’re doing this. I would love to hear more about the dreaded “out on submission” period. For example: how to interpret “glowing rejections,” how much information to ask your agent for about their process DURING their process (other than what’s covered in your book), what to make of feedback that is radically different from one editor to the next. And of course, any advice on generally staying sane would be VERY welcome. Thanks!

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