This week I'm sharing feedback on subscribers' opening pages (literary fiction/nonfiction) - with a focus on humor
We continue our 6-week long Opening Pages Intensive with a focus on world-building in genre fiction (sci-fi, dystopian, thriller in this post)
Tips on establishing setting in literary fiction and nonfiction for people like me who don't know the name of trees and bushes. Plus, an open call for…

February 2023

Good sex, bad sex, selfish sex, and everything in between—it's a Valentine's Day newsletter dedicated to sex-writing.

January 2023

"Write every day" is classist advice. It also doesn't work.

December 2022

In which we review subscriber's opening sentences from books that focus on place.

November 2022

Featuring live critiques and a guest appearance by Dani Shapiro (Part I)
What a logline is and how perfecting one can help you and your manuscript

September 2022

There isn't enough room for all your characters in a good query or synopsis, so how do you pick one?

August 2022

How grammar can build character

July 2022

Here's a July prompt.

April 2022

Pulse-checking character-driven writing As someone who writes humorous fiction with a lot of dialog, something I watch out for is the creation of…