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How to start a writing retreat in an organized and safe manner

Why sensory tags and stage directions are ruining your writing (and costing you readers)

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Getting your voice out there: Writing nonfiction about your fiction

Your summer publishing questions answered, Round 5

Formatting your “comp title” section in a book proposal

What the hell is interiority and how do you get it?

Hello to new writers and your summer publishing questions answered, Round 4

A big-ass birthday discount for you and your writer friends!

Introducing "The Uh-oh Girls": The category formerly known as Sad Girl Lit, plus a MAJOR birthday discount for new subscribers coming this Sunday.

Your summer publishing questions answered: Round 3

Finding the right tone for a memoir proposal

The first in-person meeting with your book's marketing and publicity team: What to know before you go

Your summer publishing questions answered

Do you have a burning question about publishing?

How to write a beat sheet to tame unruly work

How to find comp titles for a book you haven't written yet

Query Letter Writing: The 3 things you must do to catch an agent's eye

How to Name Your Book: Insights on Titling Strategies From a Corporate Namer

Introducing The Savanah Project

How to say "memoir" without saying "memoir" in your book's subtitle

Get shorty: The tight novel trend is here

How do you write about medical topics without clinical language?

American exceptionalism is going to kill us all

How (and why) I hold voice auditions for my main characters

Books for Dads (plus a giveaway!)

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Let your freak flag fly...

Should you start a Substack? 5 tips before you launch

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Summer reading list + a giveaway bonanza

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Opening Pages Intensive Week 5: It's Subscriber Feedback Friday!

On Notes and a new open call for pages

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Can you be a good mom and a great writer?

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Sex with Jonathan Franzen

Blurb writing etiquette

In a world (inside a world)

How important is an email subject line?

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