Sitemap - 2022 - Before and After the Book Deal

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On epigraphs

Let's talk self-publishing

Like the writer, hate the book

Opening sentences in setting-focused books

The power and potential of your opening sentences

Call for first sentences

The Sunshine State

In praise of the slow burn

In praise of commercial fiction

Thinking of hiring a developmental editor?

What to read when: You haven't read these books

The logline as a revision tool

Writers: Read this before you do your taxes!

What to read: Instead of craft books

Why you're in your own way and how to step aside

Should you adapt your own material for the silver screen?

What to read when: you're having election anxiety

Show + tell: The biggest mistake I make in my writing

We need a hero: Choosing the main character in a manuscript with multiple POVs

Querying strategies for a messy world

What to read when: you want to get swept away

Which sells better: hybrid memoir or memoir?

What to read when: you want some woke YA

Will I be promoting my book for the rest of my life?

Re-querying agents with revised material

Writing on borrowed time: adieu to my laptop

What to read when: you're anti back-to-school

To prologue or not to prologue?

Having a hard time nailing a character's voice? Investigate their syntax.

Book title naming example 1: the YA sci-fi thriller that needs to stretch across four books

Dumbing it down: How to vacation with a burner telephone

What to read when: you need a super smart beach read

What to read when: you need a high-brow gift

Agent query letter example 4: the sprawling family epic

Learning to say no

Agent query letter example 2: writing a synopsis paragraph for multiple perspectives

What to read when: you feel out of control

Stuck on what to write this summer?

Tomorrow, we ride.

Agent query letter example 1: Cut to the dang chase

What to read when: you're feeling "over" everything

Comp titles: make them "work" for you

What to read when: Father's Day is nigh

What to read when: you want to thank a teacher


Pulse-checking character driven fiction

Gone but not forgotten